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So you want a new kitchen...

Looking for a traditional hand painted country style kitchen?

Hand Painted Kitchens

painted kichens at the refurbished kitchen company

Hand Painted kitchens can be extremely effective way to give a tired kitchen a new lease of life, it can transform the look and feel of the kitchen and can add a more contemporary feel to an otherwise traditional style of kitchen.

painted kitchens from the refurbished kitchen company

Hand Painted kitchens are indeed quite chic at the moment, with overtones of the ever popular Shaker style, the hand painted kitchen can look great in both traditional and more modern surroundings.

At the refurbished Kitchen company we can hand paint any existing kitchen, using our expertise in paints we can select the correct paint for the type of kitchen surface and have the skilled decorators who can prepare and paint your kitchen to achieve a professional finish. As anyone who has taken a pot of paint to set of drawers, only to see the paint crackle and slide off knows, the correct paint and process is needed to get the right result.

This is where our expertise comes in, we can also advise you on colours, handles, and accessories to give your painted kitchen the finishing touches that will make it into in effect a new kitchen.

Why pay to throw away something that you can enjoy and use once more, it not makes financial sense, saving you money. It makes great ecological sense too.

Painting kitchens/ picking colours

Hand Painting your kitchen is a multi stage process from the first scratch of sandpaper to the specialist wax varnish on the eggshell finish.

A combination of degreasing primer and a primer for shiny surfaces with high grip are the starting point. This is the essential starting preparation for the more recognisable undercoat and eggshell that go on next to form the top coats. The wax finishing varnish is final touch to make a tough, hard, durable, easy clean  finish that will stand up to the daily rigours of being your kitchen. 

painted kitchens from the refurbished kitchen company

Other important details :-

When we change the handles we fill the old handle screw holes with two pack filler and fine surface filler to make them disappear then re-drill for the new handles.

We caulk in all the little cracks and gaps to make sure the final finished look is perfect. We rub down between the coats so the final feel is smooth and silky.
We realign the doors and drawers to make them all straight and level.

Picking colours

painted kitchens from the refurbished kitchen company

We find that trying to pick a colour from a colour chart really difficult and we deal with it every day. We have developed a simple solution. We  have a huge range of colours painted up on A3 sheets to bring to your home so you can see them in situ.

We use Fired Earth paint the most often but any range of paints and colours can be adapted to our techniques.

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