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How to Pick a Kitchen Refurbishment Company


At a dinner party the other night, I introduce myself, Ian blah blah, Refurbished Kitchen Company blah blah get asked you must know a good cheap builder. They were quite offended when I said:

“No, I know some crap, cheap builders and some good, expensive ones”

Got me to thinking about this whole business of how to pick a Kitchen Refurbishment Company, not the least of which ‘cos I are one’

The perceived wisdom drummed in by the insurance companies, trading bodies, trade finder web sites et al is: YOU MUST GET THREE QUOTES.

Why, why reduce the process of inviting a stranger into your home, for what can be extended periods, to do something that is generally, noisy and disruptive to something that is solely driven on price.

I use an analogy that says a building project, new kitchen or bathroom whatever is like having a baby. There is all the fun of its creation, for the building project that’s picking all the nice things, the colours, the design, there is the noise, muck and discomfort of their delivery and generally the joy and happiness of the new creation and mysteriously the memory of the discomfort fades to being trotted out at dinner parties in a self deprecating aren’t we clever sort of way.

Who picks the cheapest baby!

My point is there are other more important issues to consider than just price:

  • Do you instinctively trust this person?
  • Does it feel comfortable talking to them?
  • Do they appear knowledgeable about the subject?
  • Have they got ideas you didn’t think of
  • Have they got a clear and understandable way of pricing the project?
  • Does it feel right having them in your home?

If all of these things are right, you will find a price for the project that you are both comfortable with.

I personally would expect all of these considerations in any business to business transaction and fail to see why they are not just as applicable to work carried out in your home.

Like at work, if you screw some one down on price to the cheapest deal, you ultimately will not get what you really want, guaranteed.