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Bespoke Kitchens

bespoke kitchens and custom made kitchens from the refurbish kitchen company
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solid wood bespoke kitchen cupboards

We know that no two customers are alike and likewise every home is different. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, want entirely new or wholly refurbished or something in-between, to suit a small or large kitchen or living space, for limitless scope or a modest budget we will deliver the bespoke kitchen for you and your home.bespoke hand painted solid wood kitchens

When people say “bespoke kitchens” they are usually referring to hand built and highly crafted kitchens. They are the top of the range and often painted.

Our own particular version of bespoke kitchen incorporates the now unusual aspect of the units being built in a white ash and the doors and drawer fronts in tulip wood if they are to be painted. Oak and other traditional hardwoods are available. Because we use small independent cabinet makers based up in the Yorkshire Dales we can do this at fraction of the price charged by the brands in the Sunday glossy style sections and usually better quality too.


solid wood handcrafted bespoke kitchens

Call us to talk through what we mean by providing you with a truly bespoke kitchen. Tel: 01423 567744 or 07988 009038.

handcrafted elegance in bespoke kitchens handcrafted, handpainted solid wood bespoke kitchens